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Spiral Album Economy Large Black, 50black pages,photo mounting board, efalin cover, black | 4250053626924 | 352903


Travel Diary Petit Voyage, 272 pages of laid paper, plain, red | 4250053670422 | 351183


Notebook History Classic (A4) book linen cover, 336 pages, plain, marine | 4250053606230 | 351248


Travel Diary Grand Voyage, 272 pages laid paper, plain, lime | 4250053671566 | 351272


200 Pocket Album, 100 pages, photos 10 x 15 cm, burgundy | 4250053626634 | 351134


Little Gift Boxes (Set of 12), ciel | 4250053640869 | 352030


Paper Tray (A4), ciel | 4250053618646 | 352712


Notebook Classic (A5) dotted, book linen cover, 144 pages, lime | 4004117517723 | 356171


Semikolon notebook with book linen, thread stitching, flyleaf, bookmark, and deckle edged paper


Classic Photo Albums

The Semikolon Classic photo albums have been consciously designed to feature a clear design and be produced using first-class materials. The variety of colors allow you to design your own photo library at home in your favourite colors which can be customised or changed whenever you wish.


Spiral Photo Albums

Here you can find spiral albums like the Maxi Mucho,Mini Mucho, Economy large, Economy medium or the Piccolino by Semikolon. The pages are all acid-free and either black or cream.


Semikolon Baby Collection

For the joy of storing our memories. The Semikolon Baby Collection Classic photograph album is bound with high-quality linen. It includes cream photograph card with glassine paper in between to protect your photographs. It can be fastened with the decorative ribbons.


Boxes in many sizes and colors.

Here you can find various cartons, giftboxes, boxes in big and small by Semikolon.